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Workshop: Train the Trainers in Iceland 10/2015

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The Trainers workshop in Iceland was prepared and led by the Icelandic partner. 20 Trainers, four professionals from each participating country took part. The workshop was constructed so that the participants had to be in the role of a typical participant of entrepreneurship workshops for disadvantaged people. Head Trainer was G. Ágúst Pétursson from the Adult Education Association Símenntun Vesturlands.
The focus of the training was on how to enhance entrepreneurial thinking among students / participants in formal and informal education. We explored methods and ideas with the aim of increasing students´ Entrepreneurial thinking, creative thinking and initiative, which are competences increasingly asked for at workplaces in the 21st century. With sustained unemployment in most European countries, communication, cooperation, initiative and creative thinking are skills that are essential for young adults entering the labour market. The TELE methods in the WORKSHOPS focus on cooperative learning methodologies and entrepreneurial training. Learning by doing is our leading principle. This means that the training is organized in such a way that the participants cooperate actively in group work as well as in plenary sessions. The methods introduced were used actively during the workshop. The one-week workshop was a mixture of training and development for the final course modules. Therefore, we needed continuous feedback from the participants about the methodology. In the end of each Training day the participants had an one-hour final discussion about the tried out methods. The evaluation was important for the further development of the TELE Method. To visualize the ideas and strengthen the group dynamics, we had a few business games that came from the trainer, coordinators and some participants. Those games had a very positive effect on the workshop and were therefore important because of the length and intensity of the workshop. Many inputs from the participants will be built into the TELE method and used in the Handbook that is to be produced. Parts of the workshops were also video-taped and participants were asked to express themselves about the Trainers Workshop in front of the camera.


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Impressions from the workshop: Train the Trainers in Iceland

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