About the project


The TELE project is reacting to the concrete need of involving groups with low or no qualifications in educational activities and measures. There is an increasing demand in the current economy for people who possess skills as motivation, initiative, responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking. Most upper secondary schools, LLLC’s and vocational training institutes do not have the entrepreneurship-teaching on their agenda. There is a limited offer of strategic learning and curricula on the subjects of creativity, initiative and entrepreneurial attitudes.

The greatest challenge for the partners of this project is to find the best methods of teaching and encouraging entrepreneurship with target groups facing social disadvantages, which can then be applied in and adapted to five countries with completely different economic and cultural backgrounds. The final goal of the project is to identify and develop approaches and methods that will facilitate a better access to the labour market for young unemployed people or students considering dropping out of school.
We have successfully carried out the first major task of the activities set for the TELE project, namely the analysis and collection of existing materials and good practice examples in the participating countries and in Europe. Each participating country also has created three different concepts for entrepreneurship workshops. The third major milestone has now also been reached, namely a one week Train the Trainer workshop.