Train the trainers workshop conducted in Iceland

The TELE partners are currently working on the Evaluation of the Trainers` Workshop that took place in Borgarnes, Iceland in October 2015.
In the Trainers Workshop in Iceland, the participating trainers gave suggestions for improvement and added exercises and possible methods to the training modules from their own experience.
The partners have already decided which training module they are going to test in their Pilot Workshops in their countries and with which target group they are going to work with. The Pilot Workshops will be conducted in January and February 2016.

Pilot Workshops carried out in all partner countries

Between February and April 2016 all partners carried out the Pilot Workshops with different target groups in their countries. The evaluation of the Pilot Workshops will be available in the TELE Handbook, which the partners are currently working on. In May some of the participants of the Pilot Workshop will meet together in Latvia. There they will present their business ideas and support each other by the further development of the ideas. More about the blended mobility in Latvia later.

Pilot Workshop in Valencia/Spain: 08. – 11.02.2016: Link: LEARNING BY DOING ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Pilot Workshop in Dortmund/Germany: 14.03. – 18.03.2016 : Link: Workshop für Migrantinnen

TELE handbook is now available:



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