Is there a need for entrepreneurship training for disadvantaged groups?

The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan of the European Commission recognizes that to bring Europe back to growth and higher levels of employment, Europe needs more entrepreneurs. In order to “bring about an entrepreneurial revolution” and to “reignite the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe” the Plan sets up three Action Pillars to focus on: Developing entrepreneurial education and training. Creating the right business environment. Role models and reaching out to specific groups. The document states that the prevalence and quality of entrepreneurial learning needs to be increased, and that investing in entrepreneurship education is one of the “highest return investments Europe can make”. Europe also has to open up paths into entrepreneurship for groups that are underrepresented among business founders, such as women, seniors, migrants and young unemployed people, who need to be empowered to be able to use their creative and innovative capacities.

The goal of the partner organizations of the project is to develop and test Entrepreneurship Workshops that can be used by teachers and trainers in different educational centers and employment services measures, in order to motivate and encourage jobless, mainly young people to find a new perspective in their life, to be active and to turn ideas into action. By the end of the project the partners will have developed different teaching modules for the target groups their organizations are working with. After having tested the modules in the Pilot Workshops the results and experiences will be documented in a Handbook and in a Film, where the partners are also planning to provide recommendations, practical advice and exercises for teachers and trainers.

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