Pilot Workshops




In the period of November 2014 to April 2015 the TELE partners are going to conduct Pilot Workshops in their countries to try out the Modules developed by the partners and tested by 20 trainers on entrepreneurship training with activating and motivating methods for adult target groups who face diverse social disadvantages.
Testing: New trainers run a Pilot Workshop with adults in 5 different countries: Entrepreneurship training with motivating and activating methods for adults with low skills or qualifications.
All workshops will be recorded on video, including interviews with the participants and useful exercises for trainers. The videos will be edited into a joint film of the partnership as an addition to the training and learning materials for educational organizations.

Workshops carried out in all partner countries

In all countries, the partners successfully conducted the Pilot Workshops with different target groups. In Germany, immigrant women, mainly unemployed took part in a one-week workshop. In Iceland the participants were young students from upper secondary school on the country side. In Spain young unemployed people and vocational students participated in the Workshop. In Latvia some of the participants were self-employed, othere were young mothers and workers that want to do their own business. In Romania, the participants were young graduates of the Technical College „Petru Poni“, but still unemployed.

Here some impressions from the workshops

TELE Pilot-Workshop Feb. 2016 in Valencia, Spain

TELE Pilot-Workshop March 2016 in Dortmund, Germany

TELE Pilot-Workshop March 2016 in Malpils, Latvia

TELE Pilot-Workshop March 2016 in Onesti, Romania

TELE Pilot-Workshop April 2016 in Borgarnes, Iceland

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