TELE Project


TELE, standing for „Teaching entrepreneurship–Learning entrepreneurship”, is a project funded as part of the European educational program ERASMUS+ and includes partner organizations from Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Spain and Romania. The project started in September 2014 and it will finish in August 2016 with a final conference in Spain.

The goal of the TELE project is to give young people the opportunity to experience success through creative work and through their own initiatives. They learn that every person is capable of achieving something and has interest in something and also that nobody can do everything. Thus they overcome gradually the negative feelings about being useless and worthless, and at the same time they discover their skills and interests, of which they had been unaware before. With the help of the Entrepreneurship workshops and training methods, which can be integrated into the curriculum of upper secondary schools, further education seminars, vocational schools, adult education centers, measures for the unemployed, we can reach, motivate and activate young, low skilled, disadvantaged unemployed people to start further education and/or find a job or/and create their own job possibilities, following up on their own  interests and ideas.

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